A sight-seeing dream comes true

monumental Virtual Reality for historical tourism sites

Visiting historical places has its own fascination, and who hasn´t dreamed of beeing right in the past and see how it really was – back in time?

Imagine you could just press a button and in an instant you see all the surounding buidings in their old glance and beauty, intact, colorful and full of details. The noise of the streets and far away motorways vanishes and instead you hear the sound of horses and carriages or the hammers of an old shipyard. The entire scene is filled with people dressed in original garment, talking to each other, passing by. And everything looks as it was real – because it is in 3D.

You can look around, walk through the scene and you might find a good spot from where you can see the entire region and in a photorealistic landscape the way it looked without streets and high buildings – untouched or even with structures that don´t exist anymore.

For our customers

we create an outstanding attraction for any amount of visitors

We offer a broad spectrum of services regarding our Virtual Reality. So we have put the key features of Vision of the Ages into the list below.

High Quality Virtual Reality

High Quality for us means:

Making it as real as possible

With modern technology there is virtually no limit to complexity and detail. Through today´s media people are used to High Quality content. And we want to exceed the expectations.

Virtual Reality gives an opportunity that even the best 3D movies don´t have. Seeing every thing from your own perspective and move freely around objects.

No matter if you´re looking for a great photorealistc scenery, complex structures, a crowded place with 100s of moving characters and/or exciting interiors. We do it.

Historical accuracy and high educational value

Before we start building a VR environment, we do a thorough research of all historical elements that are included in the presentation. Your visitors certainly won´t forget this experience and the memory they take home should be as realistic and authentic as possible.

Our research includes:

  • exact measurements of all still exisiting buildings and the surrounding landscape
  • history and architecture of the historical site
  • garments worn in a particular time period
  • languages and accents spoken in a particular time period
  • items that were used and not used
  • changes in landscape, infrastructure and flora


If you want to include myths and legends in your Virtual Reality presentation, we´d love to do it. But they will always be presented as such and clearly distinguishable from the rest of the tour.

With historical accuracy also comes a highly educational value that will generate an additional attraction for school classes and other educational groups.

We´re sure that the public will embrace this unique opportunity of an authentic vision on the past.

Easy to use

Today´s VirtualReality headsets are easily to apply and adjust. In the regular case one just puts in on and the show begins.

But also for vision impaired people it is easy to adjust headsets in couple of seconds, so the they can enjoy the full experience.

Depending on the application people can either move completely freely through a terrain or within a radius of 1-2 meters. Hygene, health and security hereby is always granted.

For any amount of visitors

Everybody should be able to enjoy Virtual Reality when they visit your site. Depending on the desired complexity and detail of the VR environment we find the perfect combination of fixed VR installations and mobile applications/headsets.

In any case we´ll find the optimal way for you and all your visitors to provide an exciting experience they certainly won´t forget.

Highly scalable and exandable

Our Virtual Reality is extremely flexible and extendable. Maybe you´ll find out that there´s a desire for people to see something you haven´t considered at the start, i.e. an additional room or area. Or maybe you´d like to show how the site has developed over the decades/centuries.

No problem. We can develop these extra parts and then update the content at any time, over night.

If more people are interested in a VR tour than you expected, we can install more headsets easily, depending on the installation.

Indoor - Outdoor - all hardware included

Vision of the Ages comes as whole product. For our hardware we offer custom designed terminals and casings for one or more VR-headsets, tailored for you, that perfectly blend into your specific venue, from casing material to color and design.

We also deliver wheather-proof installations for outdoor use. For mobile applications we provide a reliable theft protection system.

All hardware will be installed by us or our partners. And we will maintain all parts as long as you want.

Checkout system integration

We keep the process for you and your audience as simple as possible. We connect Virtual Reality installations and mobile applications with your checkout system, so payment transactions will be easy and transparent for you and your visitors.

Additionally we can fit all VR-installations with barcode readers, coin slots or contactless card readers.

Additional advertising

For your advertising, we can provide you with a lot of material from your new VR attraction.

  • high-resolution graphics
  • cinema movie sequences
  • 3D-print models of buildings and characters
  • 3D-postcard templates


You can either send this material to your marketing agency or we can produce brochures, posters, roll-ups, etc. for you.

Vision of the Ages is a product of Visual IT Arts Ltd., Belfast.

For more information and pricing we´re happy to answering your questions directly.

You can give us call at +44 (0)28 9058 3591 or email us at

Our Vision

As artists we want to produce art.

The idea was born when we visited a ruined castle and my wife said to me “I can´t figure out how this place looked like just from drawings and info charts. I´d like to see how it really was! Michael, you are good at graphics and IT, you should do that! Why can´t you do something where I can walk through, look around and see everything as it was real?” (Michael Kriegs – Founder)

That was in early 2012, when the first VR headset – the Oculus Rift – hasn´t even been announced, yet. Anyhow, inspired by the fascinating idea Michael started to work out ways to create an experience that is today commonly known as Virtual Reality. The release of the first experimental Oculus VR-headset in 2013 came quite in handy, and was very promising. So it was much easier to focus on creating content instead of developing an entirely new hardware.

The goal was set. A mind-blowing, impressive und educating experience for everybody, not only for geeks and gamers who would afford a VR-headset. It should be historically accurate, with photorealistic landscapes and moving characters to make it all as realistic as possible. And the best way to present a worthy recreation of an historic place for everybody is to do it onsite. It makes such a big difference if you can physically connect to a place or if you just sit at home, download an app  and say “Ok, that´s great. What´s next?”

We love to work with PCs and graphics, but we also want people to get out and see what the real world has to offer. So we decided to create an additional attraction for tourism sites exclusivley that brings people there to let them see a realistic rebuild of the past – away from nowaday´s phantasy movies.

As artists our vision is to produce art, and so – instead of releasing a single product for mass-production – we´re going to re-create as many places as possible in dedicated work where we can put our love into.

And that is what we do.

Our Team

The Vision Crew


Michael Kriegs


Software Engineer,
3D Artist & Graphic Designer
Electronic Engineer


Adam McKenna

Level Designer

Virtual Reality Expert,
3D Artist,
Character Designer


Neil Husin

Core Chief

Virtual Reality Expert,
3D Artsist,
Software Developer


Marion Jordan

For Stable Elements

Interior Designer,